Blooming days & horses

An ode to beauty and friends gatherings by the countryside

It's the most gorgeous day,
with the fresh air of the morning
and the smell of grass everywhere.

Under the bluest sky,
the sun warms the centenary trees,
and enhances the intense green of the hills.

As days grow long, families gather at the ranch house.
In denim and plaid, it’s all giggles and laughs.
Like no time has passed.

In the distance, horses trot freely near the lake.
They seem happy to be around the kids.
Loyal companions forever.

Horses are herd animals, too.
They know the importance of the team.
Like this group of friends.

But they also see the uniqueness in them.
All so eager for new adventures.
But at the same time, all so different.

Like the bright wildflowers that grow in the prairie.
So diverse and fascinating.
Blooming and revealing its inner beauty to the world.

About SS25

Blooming days & horses tells the story of a group of friends reunited in a ranch house where horses trot freely and wildflowers grow everywhere.

One more year, new adventures await them in the calm beauty of the valley, where blues and greens blend.

The bond between the children and the horses grows stronger every day in this gorgeous landscape, while the bright colors of flowers create the perfect scenery for lifetime memories.