Our story

my little cozmo our story

Our story

Hi there, welcome to our Cozmo!


At My Little Cozmo we design and create clothing for babies and kids from 3 months to 8 years old.

Our story began in 2014 when we as mothers found it very difficult to find ethically responsible, modern and design-led clothing for our kids. Talking to friends and family we discovered that many had a similar experience. There were many brands out there but few to none that functioned in accordance with these aspects. Where were the options?

It turns out there was a simple answer! In an industry dominated by a constant price drop few brands prioritize ethics above costs and this have serious consequences on our health, on the planet of our kids and the life of garment workers.

Many consumers do not reflect much on the 'made in' labels on their kid’s clothes. But we know that many times, woven invisibly into the fabric of the clothing of our kids, are sad stories of individuals, often women, who’s worker rights are nonexistent.

We started My Little Cozmo to create an alternative.

Kid’s fashion should be decent and fair in the production and supply chain while having children, women and environment in mind. Our inspiration comes from our love of kids and ethics and we aim to inspire parents and children that it is possible to make a positive influence on our cozmo by choosing our brand.

We design and produce everything in Barcelona, and we love to make kids clothing that are modern and minimalistic with a Mediterranean twist. Our textiles are hand-picked for quality and style and include mostly natural and soft fabrics.

At My Little Cozmo, founded and led by women and mothers, we have a passion for developing design-led kids clothing that is coupled with our continued efforts to reduce our ethical footprint. Our purpose is to offer ethically responsible and premium designed quality kids clothing that will last through generations.

We strive to do our part and make our kids cozmo a better place and believe that together we can make a change.



Premium, soft and durable fabrics

There's nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. Their clothes should be the same. We source only the finest materials to achieve an exceptional soft feel for our little ones. The quality of our fabrics guarantees endless hours of fun and adventure. 


best fabrics for babies and kids



Unique & fashionable clothing

Fashion defines us. It is the same for our children. That is why we believe that baby and kids clothing should have its own style. Our way? Simple, fresh and distinctive designs. Our clothes are inspired by trends, but they also preserve that candid and funny touch of childhood. Every step is taken with care and thoughtful attention to detail, as it is reflected in their handcrafted appearance. Our aim is to craft clothes than make memories. 


designer fashion brand for kids



Fair, safe and caring workplaces

We care about the quality of our garments. But just as much as we care about the working conditions in which they are made. For this reason, we are proud to say that we are a brand that designs and crafts exclusively in Barcelona. Both our creative and crafting processes take place locally, protecting the employee rights laid down by EU employment laws. Additionally it allow us to closely supervise all the production steps and take care of all the details. 


ethical fashion brand for kids



Sustainable facilities, processes and materials

Our planet's future depends on the decisions we make today. That is why we use energy efficiency and alternative energy sources in our workshop to meet our sustainability goals. We believe that every step adds up in trying to leave a better cozmo for our children. All our collections include organic fabrics. 


sustainable fashion brand for kids

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