Our story


We value things made with love, art, fair trade, and a slow way of life. 

Each piece of our baby’s and kid’s clothing is designed and created with our own motherly hands, slowly with care and close attention to detail.

We are from Barcelona and our production is also made here at home!
Founded and led by women and moms we believe in kid’s clothing that is carefully designed and consciously made. Each item bears a part of our souls.

Convinced that clothing should be made to be durable, we love the concept of handcraft and “less is more” and to contribute to a more sustainable consumption.

At My Little Cozmo we strive to make our kid’s Cozmo a better place and believe that together we can make a change. 

From Barcelona with love.

Our team


Our brand was born in 2014 and founded by our designer Nuria.

Since the beginning Nuria always had this idea that she wanted to bring something different to the market. With a lot of experience in the textile industry and being a woman and a mother, she found it very difficult to find modern, qualitative, and ethically responsible children's clothing. Speaking with friends and family, she found that many had a similar experience. Where were the options?

Over the years My Little Cozmo grew and in 2019 more women joined forces. Today My Little Cozmo is a universe composed of 12 women brought together by the belief of making the world a better and more conscious place. Creation, marketing, management, and manufacturing, it all comes to life by women.

Why is it important for us women to support each other?

There are many women in this industry, and we believe that women who support women are more successful in what they do, by supporting one another, we can all easily move up and forward together. 

Many consumers don’t reflect much of the 'Made in…' labels on their kid’s clothes, but we know that many times, woven invisibly into the fabric of the clothing our kids wear, are sad stories of individuals, often women, who’s worker rights are nonexistent. By supporting each other as women and going together, we believe we can change that. By producing in house and locally, we can maintain women employed and also know that the EU working laws are complied.

We also believe that the artisanal process behind the making of slow fashion should be better acknowledged since is a traditional women’s profession that many times is not sufficiently valued.



We are proud to say that we design and craft all our clothing exclusively in Barcelona. Both our creative and crafting processes take place locally. Some of our production takes place in-house in our own workshop and the rest with local suppliers that are just next door. 

This helps us guarantee quality control, fair labor, a safe working environment &
reduce our ecological footprint. Additionally, it allows us to closely supervise all the production steps and take care of all the details. We are obsessed with the details!



There's nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. Their clothes should be the same. We source only the finest materials to achieve an exceptional soft feel for our little ones. The quality of our fabrics guarantees endless hours of fun and adventure. We mostly use natural and eco-friendly fabrics. 



Fashion defines us. It is the same for our children. That is why we believe that baby and kids clothing should have its own style. Our way? Simple, fresh and unique designs. Our clothes are inspired by trends, but they also preserve that candid and funny touch of childhood. Each line is delicate and lovely and as always, with a lot of attention to detail and finishing from our workers as it is reflected in our clothing’s handcrafted appearance. Our aim is to craft clothes that make memories, and each item bears a part of our souls.



Our planet's future depends on the decisions we make today. At My Little Cozmo, we care about kids, women and the planet, we call it Cozmo Care and it applies to our whole organization Our aim is for everything we do, to be done consciously and responsibly while reducing our ecological footprint. We believe that every step adds up in trying to leave a better cozmo for our children.

We are working to do our part by creating an ethical supply chain that puts together high-quality, durability and low environmental impact. We carefully consider our materials and work to reduce waste, chemicals, and plastics that threaten our planet’s ecosystems. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our sustainability initiatives and ‘Cozmo Care’ , learn more reading our Sustainability initiatives.