Meet the neighbors

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
– Helen Keller

My neighbors are my friends, and we’re super close.
Every gang has a leader and ours is Alfred. He’s a thinker, the eldest, and the wisest. He’s also a designer and makes sustainable houses for people living on the streets. Anita is also a
good friend, she loves reading and laughing, she’s a smiley bookworm. Noah’s dad works at the theater, and he’s inherited his love of dance and music. He’s the arty one and is always entertaining us with his performances. There’s also Wilma, who’s a vegetarian and an entrepreneur. She runs a food stand and collects local food to teach people how to eat healthier.

And finally, it’s me, Freja. I’m always cooking and experimenting with food. My passion is making pasta to feed the world!

Come into our happy place and help us pursue a better cozmo!