We love to be part of Playtime Paris. We are one of their proud exhibitors and it is a privilege to attend the show. 

This last winter session, My Little Cozmo had the honour to be featured in their trend series report whose topic was 'Greener Pastures'. The article pointed out the need of chasing a more sustainable future with one collection at a time. 

Sustainability is one of our goals as a brand because we are convinced that kid’s fashion future is brighter and more responsible.

It is true that we have to face many challenges, but we are determined to accomplish them. That is why we created Cozmo Care.  


i love play time my little cozmo


'Wild and carefree but delicate and stylish'. These were the words used to describe our Spring Summer Collection 2020. Also, the article reflected our main brand values: casual yet unique patterns, refreshing designs, simple pieces that ensure they remain fashion forward and natural materials. 

You can read the article here

Thank you, Playtime, for the feature and the accurate highlight of our Spring Summer 2020 Collection!