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Looking for kids Christmas outfits? We have you covered ;) Explore our baby and kids Christmas outfits ideas. Baby's first Christmas outfits, plaid patterns, rusty colors, and much more.


Yes, the time has finally come! Despite all the hardness and challenges of 2020, the Christmas countdown is on. So, if you are looking for babies and kids Christmas outfits, we have you covered ;)

Unfortunately, these holidays might be very different for the majority of us. But we truly wish the spirit of the season will pervade all.

Holidays are the perfect occasion to dress up. But kids are kids, and it is difficult to find stylish and cute holiday outfits that are also comfy, warm, and delicate on their skin. 

At My Little Cozmo, we have many kids Christmas outfits that capture its joyous essence, while being super cozy. All our clothes are made with the finest materials and softest textures and are designed for endless hours of fun. 

And if you are looking for matching Christmas outfits for siblings, this post is for you. We love coordinating outfits that look intentional without being identical. So, either you have a newborn, an infant, a toddler, a boy, or a girl, you will find many options to pair their holiday outfits. Plus, you will take your family photos to the next level ;)

We hope you like our baby and kids Christmas outfits selection as much as we do.



Dreaming of a white Christmas? You cannot miss this best-seller set from our fall and winter collection for babies. 

This baby winter sweater and its matching pants are made of upcycled cotton, which make them buttery soft. 

This set is perfect for your baby's first Christmas outfit, because it is comfortable, easy-to-wear, stylish and festive. 

Complete the look with this adorable ribbed baby hat in rust. It is also made of upcycled cotton and very warm.

Plus, this is a gender neutral option if you are looking for a super cute 'My first Christmas outfit', either for a baby boy or a baby girl. 


baby's first christmas outfit

Baby winter sweaterbaby winter pants & ribbed baby hat


We always include sustainable baby clothes in our collections. The above set is an example, as well as this cute baby girl first Christmas outfit.


baby girl first christmas outfit

Baby girl sweaterbaby girl pantsbaby faux fur vestbaby faux fur hat


This puff-sleeve baby girl sweater and its coordinating pants are made of organic cotton, which provides an exceptional soft feel. 

You can play with colors and combine the white baby sweater with the light grey pants or otherwise. 

The baby faux fur vest and the hat give the perfect touch!

Both sets are also available for girls (up to 10 years!), which make them a must-have when you are looking for girls matching Christmas outfits for sisters.

If you prefer a baby girl sweater dress, this one shares the same winter pattern. 


girls sweater dress

Baby girl sweater dress



Red, green, and white are the colors of Christmas, while plaid is the official pattern of the holidays. 

At My Little Cozmo you will find a lot of plaid Christmas outfits for your little ones in these three colors. Plus, you can coordinate your baby outfits with their siblings.

Maybe by sharing the same pattern but changing the colors. This way they will not be wearing the same exact thing, but the outfit will look cohesive. 


Baby girl plaid romper

Baby girl plaid romper


Baby girl plaid dress

Baby girl plaid dress & matching girl plaid dress


Baby girl plaid blouse

Baby girl plaid blouse & matching girl plaid blouse


Baby boy plaid shirt

Baby boy plaid shirt & matching boy plaid shirt


If you are looking for stylish baby boy outfits that follow a grey color scheme, these plaid baby boy pants are perfect for these festivity times. 


stylish baby boy outfit

Baby boy plaid trousersribbed baby sweaterorganic baby shirtbaby fleece hat


Also, they are ideal if you are looking for boy and girl matching Christmas outfits, because you can find the exact same pattern in these baby girl and girls skirts.


grey plaid baby girl skirt

Baby plaid skirt & matching girls plaid skirt



If you are searching for traditional kids Thanksgiving outfits, rust is your color. But rust also works great at Christmas. 

In our fall winter collection, you will find plenty of kids matching Christmas outfits in this warm color.

This romantic girl floral print dress is a dream. You can paired it with a girl faux fur jacket or with a padded vest


girls floral print dress

Girls floral print dressgirls faux fur jacketpadded vest 


For toddler girl and baby girl matching Christmas outfits, you must look at this set with a blouse and bloomers and this super cute romper. They are all made in 100% organic cotton. 


baby blouse and bloomers

Baby floral print blouse with bloomers


Baby floral print romper


Corduroy is wintry in nature. Our corduroy clothes for babies and kids are super soft, warm and they add texture to any outfit. 

Below you will find some of our kids Christmas outfits ideas combining corduroy and rust. 


Baby suspender skirt with bloomers

Baby suspender skirt with bloomers


Girls corduroy dress

Girl corduroy dress & matching baby corduroy dress


Girl corduroy skirt



2020 might have been the most difficult year of our lives. But we are all together in this and we will overcome this challenge. 

We know that having a positive mindset or positive attitude is key in life and nowadays everyone needs a little pick-me-upper. 

That is why our positive message T-shirts are the perfect New Year's Eve baby outfit. Also, for the older brothers and sisters. 

'Create your own sunshine' has been our mantra this year at My Little Cozmo to make every day the best it can be. 


positive message T-shirt for babies

Positive message T-shirt for babies & matching T-shirt for kids


COVID has significantly challenged children and families. We hope these positive quotes help to lift their spirits in these difficult times. 

But better times are coming in 2021. We truly believe it. And always remember that 'the best is yet to come'. This is the positive message of our baby and kid’s sweatshirt, and we’re gonna stick to it for the upcoming year. 


positive message kids sweatshirt

Positive message sweatshirt for kids & matching baby sweatshirt


All My Little Cozmo team wishes you a merry cute Christmas with your nearest and dearest and all the best for the new year. Once again, thank you for your huge support throughout all these years and for your warm welcome when we launched our online shop. 

Please keep in mind that Santa's workshop is already open and ready to ship your packages ASAP ;) So make sure to get your favorites kids Christmas outfits before they sell out. We will make sure Santa's bag will be delivered right to your front doorstep. 



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