More cute summer outfits for kids: My Little Cozmo in Lemon & Meraki magazines

cute summer outfits for kids

We are happy to share two new media appearances of My Little Cozmo with more cute summer outfits for kids

'There is a secret power within each and every woman. Can you feel yours?' This is the message of 'Mother Nature', the inspiring fashion editorial of Lemon Magazine

This photoshoot honors the beauty of motherhood and the strength and courage of mothers. 


girls seersucker dress top shorts 

girls seersucker shorts my little cozmo


Our seersucker top and shorts set is pictured in these loving pictures. The seersucker top is stylish, comfy, and cool all at the same time, while the seersucker shorts make the best match for a perfect, fresh summer look. 

The other piece chosen from our Spring & Summer 2021 collection was our linen lace dress. From the beach to a special occasion, it is a season staple. 


girls linen dress

Photo: @annrigauArt direction: @marcialennona. Styling: @annahsegarra.


My Little Cozmo is also featured in the summer issue of Meraki Magazine. On this occasion, it is our organic gauze jumpsuit the one pictured in this photoshoot. 


girls organic gauze jumpsuit

Photo: @fotodavidpellicer. Style: @laiazemogh. Media: @meraki_mag.


We love organic cotton gauze for summer (and all year long). It is soft, breathable, and cuddly. 

This particular organic gauze jumpsuit will get your kid ready to play in no time and will become your little one's go-to piece for everyday wear. 

Thanks to Lemon and Meraki magazines for having us! We hope these cute summer outfits for kids inspire you.