7 coordinating sibling outfits ideas

coordinating sibling outfits ideas


We are all for coordinating sibling outfits. Especially, those that look intentional without being identical. 

Our suggestion is to search for items that are similar in style, color, and print. This way, kids are not wearing the same, but their outfits still look cohesive. 

Another option is choosing the same piece of clothing but in different colors. 

Either way, you'll get adorable matching sibling outfits for everyday wear or special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.

The truth is there are endless reasons to find sibling outfitsSo, if you were looking for matching sibling outfits for fall pictures (e.g., Pumpkin Patch pictures), this post is for you. 

Either you have a newborn, an infant, a toddler, a boy, or a girl, you will find plenty of ideas for coordinating sibling outfits for pictures. We hope they inspire you. 


1) Matching outerwear for baby and sibling outfits

Jackets and coats are easy to coordinate. We suggest choosing them in different colors for each sibling when the pieces look very similar. 

For little babies and their older siblings, we love pairing baby buntings and coats in the same pattern.


baby sibling outfit

Corduroy padded kids coat


Corduroy padded baby coat


siblings outfits

Plaid sherpa baby bunting


matching siblings outfits for pictures

Plaid sherpa kids coat


2) Sibling holiday outfits

This plaid dress and its matching romper are super comfortable for casual wear, but you can also dress it up and make it the perfect piece for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and any other season festivity.


sibling holiday outfit

Organic plaid baby romper


matching christmas outfits for siblings

Organic plaid kids dress 


3) Coordinating sibling outfits for everyday wear

Kids don't have to forgo comfort for style. That's why we fell in love with this velour, polka-dot fabric. You can choose the same exact pieces for baby and sibling outfits (e.g. mixing and matching the baby dress and the kids' dress) or combine different ones (e.g., pairing the baby romper with the kids' sweatshirt).


coordinating sibling outfit

Organic velour Polka dot baby dress


sibling thanksgiving outfit

Organic velour Polka dot kids dress


sibling outfits for pictures

Organic velour Polka dot kids sweatshirt


sibling holiday outfits

Organic velour Polka dot baby romper


4) Sibling Thanksgiving outfits

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So, if you are looking for sibling holiday outfits, you may love this floral print. The truth is these organic cotton pieces are perfect for any fall outing. 


matching sibling outfits for fall pictures

Organic gauze floral skirt


girl sibling outfit

Organic gauze floral baby romper


matching sibling outfits holidays

Organic gauze floral kids dress


5) Festive baby and sibling outfits

The windowpane plaid pattern plus warm colors make these pieces of clothing perfect for toasty winter outfits.

You'll find plenty of options for baby and sibling outfits in this pattern. We suggest choosing different items even if you have children of the same age group. 

For example, the baby can wear the romper and the toddler, the skirt with straps. This would also work nicely with twins. 


sibling outfits

Plaid straps baby skirt


matching sibling outfits baby

Ruffle plaid baby romper


baby and sibling outfits

Ruffle plaid kids skirt


matching sibling outfit boy and girl

Plaid contrast kids shirt


6) Matching sibling outfits for fall pictures 

If you are planning a trip to a Pumpkin Patch, caramel colors are your go-to. These tonal dressing outfits for both babies and kids will take your family photos to the next level.


pumpkin sibling outfits

Organic velour baby jumpsuit 

 matching sibling outfits for fall pictures

Organic velour kids sweatshirt & organic velour kids pants


7) Themed looks for babies and older kids

Sometimes you just look for items that are similar, but still have their own look. If that's the case, you'll love these combinations of organic gauze tops plus light corduroy bottoms. 


coordinating sibling outfits

Organic gauze kids blouse & organic corduroy kids shorts


sibling outfits sisters

Organic gauze baby shirt & organic corduroy baby shortalls


We hope you like these coordinating sibling outfits ideas and enjoy mixing and matching your kids' clothes.