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Check out our favorite conscious kids' holidays clothes

Outfitting children in festive and coordinating ensembles can feel like a daunting task. But here we are to help you find comfortable-yet-stylish kids' holiday clothes that will create cherished holiday memories for...

Outfitting children in festive and coordinating ensembles can feel like a daunting task. But here we are to help you find comfortable-yet-stylish kids' holiday clothes that will create cherished holiday memories for your whole family. 

At My Little Cozmo we have plenty of conscious, timeless, and hand-me-down quality children's holiday clothes for babies, toddlers, and bigger kids. 

Our advice is to choose kids' holiday outfits in similar colors and patterns so they complement each other no matter how you style them.  

Festive attire for kids

If we had to choose our favorite kids' holiday clothes, our organic gauze floral pieces will probably be our winning choice. 

All of them are designed in a holiday-ready style and the floral print is just so Christmas. 

You have many options to create children's matching Christmas outfits for all siblings starting from our baby romper and baby blouse (with its matching bloomers) and ending with their coordinating blouse, skirt, and dress for older kids. 


kids holiday clothes

Organic gauze floral dress


childrens holiday clothes

Organic gauze floral baby romper


kids holiday outfits

Organic gauze floral baby dress & bloomers


festive attire for kids

Organic gauze floral blouse


childrens christmas clothes

Organic gauze floral skirt 

Plaid is for Christmas

Plaid is the official pattern of the holidays. They make the perfect children's Christmas outfits for any occasion, from pictures with Santa to Christmas Eve mass, including holiday feasts and unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree. 

At My Little Cozmo you will find a lot of plaid Christmas outfits for your little ones. But probably these kids' holidays clothes are our favorites for the holiday season. 

Coordinating your baby, toddler, and/or older kids should be a walk in the park with all these matching options. 

Our suggestion is to choose different pieces for each sibling and pair them with solid clothes so the kids will not be wearing the same exact thing, but the outfit will look cohesive. 


boy holiday clothes

Plaid contrast shirt


childrens christmas outfits

Plaid contrast ruffle dress


childrens matching christmas outfits

Plaid contrast skirt


childrens xmas outfits

Plaid contrast baby bloomers with straps


christmas clothes for kids

Plaid contrast baby romper

Plaid + garnet make the perfect kids' holiday clothes

If we said that plaid is the official pattern of the holidays, garnet is the color of Christmas (with the permission from white and green). So mix and match plaid with garnet and you'll get traditional kids' Christmas outfits

As an example, our plaid baby romper and dress -with garnet trims- make perfect holiday outfits for more formal family gatherings. 

Garnet jackets or accessories -like our corduroy baby hat- will be the cherry on the cake. 

If you have bigger kids, you will find this plaid pattern in a blouse, a shirt, and one of our statement dresses, so you have many options for kids matching Christmas outfits.


toddler holiday clothes

Plaid baby romper


toddler girl holiday outfits

Plaid baby dress & bloomers


girls dresses christmas holiday

Plaid tiered dress

More garnet kids holiday clothes for any occasion

This organic plaid dress in garnet would be our go-to for Christmas dinner. But it is so versatile that your kid could also wear it at holiday parades or more casual family gatherings. 

It is also available in small sizes, so it is a great option if you are looking for baby and toddler matching Christmas dresses.

You will also find this same print in these baby romper and jumpsuit, so you have many possibilities to create different matching Christmas outfits for siblings.


girls dress matching christmas

Organic plaid dress


baby girl dress christmas

Organic plaid baby dress


baby girl christmas clothes

Organic plaid baby romper


toddler boy christmas outfits

Organic plaid baby jumpsuit


We love to dress up for family dinners. But the magic of the holiday season is full of more casual moments when cozier outfits are preferred. Setting out the Christmas tree, decorating the house, watching holiday movies, listening to Christmas songs and carols, or baking traditional sweets, just to name a few. 

At My Little Cozmo you'll find plenty of cute Christmas clothes that were designed with coziness and comfort in mind. 

These sets in garnet are some of our favorites for these upcoming days and will make a great fit for your Christmas morning, jumping out of the bed to open Santa's presents. 


big boys christmas outfits

Organic corduroy overalls


christmas clothes for girls

Cable knit sweater & organic corduroy shorts


christmas clothes for boys

Organic plaid baby sweatshirt & pants

Velour for the win: the softest feel in kids' holiday clothes

Our velour pieces are becoming one of our best-selling pieces and we are not surprised. They pretty much feel like cuddling on a cloud. 

They are also so versatile that can style up any Christmas celebration and, at the same time, be the perfect loungewear for cozy afternoons at home. 

Even if we love the taupe color, our favorite hue for the holiday season is stone. 

You will find plenty of children's Christmas clothes in this style. Whether you chose the polka dot print pieces or the solid color ones, you won't be wrong with any of them. 


christmas baby outfits

Organic velour baby sweatshirt & pants


cute christmas outfits for girls

Organic velour polka dot baby romper


siblings christmas outfits

Organic velour polka dot dress

Caramel for cozy Christmas outfit ideas for kids

As we said, Christmas is full of stay-at-home moments that are worth capturing forever. For these occasions, we suggest the coziness of caramel hues that you'll find in many of our pieces. 

If you are planning to attend the lighting of the Holiday Tree in your town or visit a Christmas market, our corduroy jackets are a must-have. 


2t christmas outfits

Organic velour baby jumpsuit


baby boy christmas clothes

Organic print baby hoodie & organic basic baby leggings


boys christmas outfit

Organic velour baby sweatshirt & pants


kids holiday clothes

Corduroy padded coat


girls christmas outfits

Organic velour polka dot sweatshirt & twill wide cut pants

The best present for your loved ones

You may want to buy some conscious kids' holiday clothes for your nephews, nieces, grandchildren, or friends' and peers' kids. But maybe you are not sure which pieces would be their favorites. 

If that's the case, send them a My Little Cozmo e-gift card. They’re easy to buy and easy to use and it's the perfect gift idea for any occasion. 


gift card my little cozmo


All My Little Cozmo team wishes you happy holidays with your nearest and dearest and all the best for the new year. Once again, thank you for your huge support throughout this year. 

Please keep in mind that Santa's workshop is already open and ready to ship your packages ASAP ;) So make sure to get your favorite kids' holiday clothes before they sell out. We will make sure Santa's bag will be delivered right to your front doorstep. 

Also, we have extended returns, so you will have more days to decide if you want to keep or return an item.


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