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9 ideas to have a conscious and eco-friendly Easter

Easter is coming and you may have started planning special activities for your kids. You probably have some traditions you do every year as a family, but have you ever...

Easter is coming and you may have started planning special activities for your kids. You probably have some traditions you do every year as a family, but have you ever considered having a conscious and eco-friendly Easter?
Going green doesn't mean less fun. There are plenty of ideas to have a sustainable Easter egg hunt and enjoy this springtime festivity. 
At My Little Cozmo, we gathered a few of our favorites to help inspire you.
We hope you all have a happy and conscious Easter with your loved ones! 

From Barcelona with love,
Moms at My Little Cozmo 

1) Choose eco-friendly Easter eggs

When possible, avoid Easter plastic eggs. If you already have them, please reuse them every year. Instead, opt for ceramic, wool felted, or wooden eggs.
If you buy real eggs, remember to support farmers who treat their animals properly. Check the carton for the 'pasture raised' or 'free range' label. 

eco friendly easter eggs

2) Find an eco-friendly Easter egg dye

Decorating Easter eggs is a century-old tradition and probably kids' most beloved activity. However, many store-bought dyes include chemicals that can pollute freshwater ecosystems. 
Look for nontoxic and eco-friendly Easter egg dyes or, even better, try natural dyes from fruits, vegetables, and spices. You can easily find online many how-to guides to make your own natural Easter egg dyes. Plus, your kids will love to color the eggs the old-fashioned way.

eco firendly egg hunt 

3) Craft an eco Easter basket

If you love arts and crafts, design your kids eco Easter basket using felt or jute cloth. Another great idea is to customize a wicker basket.   
If you prefer to buy it, purchase an Easter bucket that is durable, easy to customize, and somewhat classical, so your kid won't get bored of it and it can be used year after year. For example, a wicker basket or a basket that is made from cotton. 
Please, avoid filling your Easter egg baskets with shreds of plastic grass. Instead, you can use dried leaves or shredded recycled paper or cardboard. 

4) Make Easter fun at home with adorable crafts for kids

Pinterest is full of fun and adorable Easter crafts and decorations ideas. To make it easier on you, we gathered some of our favorites ones on our 'Eco-friendly Easter' board.

5) Buy eco-friendly chocolate Easter eggs

Is it really Easter if you don't eat chocolate eggs or bunny-shaped treats? ;) There's no need to ditch the candy altogether if you don't want to. 
Just consider buying eco-friendly chocolate Easter eggs. You can do this by opting for chocolate that is locally produced, has the 'fair-trade' label, or is made from organic cocoa. 

6) Celebrate an eco Easter egg hunt

Kids love Easter egg hunts and spring weather is perfect for outdoor activities.
If you are going to organize or attend an Easter egg hunt, please be mindful and make sure all the eggs get collected.
This should be a must if you are using plastic eggs because the plastic litter can harm wildlife and leach toxins into the environment. You can number the eggs so you can count them at the end. Also, make sure you clean up and get all the garbage before you leave the place.  

sustainable easter egg hunt

Maybe you are considering an indoor Easter hunt in case it's cold and rainy. If so, there are also plenty of fun ideas you can do inside. Just try to get creative and minimize the waste for a sustainable Easter egg hunt

7) Opt for sustainable kids clothes

We love Easter family pictures with everyone dressed up in spring colors. So, if you are looking for kids Easter outfits, please consider choosing sustainable clothes brands
Our spring and summer collections are always full of options for conscious and cute Easter outfits
Spring is a blooming season and this makes floral prints and pastel colors a must-have this time of the year. 

family easter outfits
girls easter outfits
easter outfits woman

baby girl first easter outfit

sustainable easter family outfits

easter outfits for girls

easter outfits for boys

baby boy easter outfit

baby boy easter outfit sustainable

8) Plant flowers together

Welcome springtime and spend those first days of spring outside enjoying the warmer weather. 
Planting flowers together can be a great family activity if you are looking for eco-friendly Easter ideas. Plus, you will beautify your garden. 

9) Make a donation or volunteer your time

Easter is a great time to think of those in need. Make this spring holiday more meaningful by giving back to the community or your favorite charity.
Also, you can donate Easter baskets to give out to families in need. Contact your local shelters to see if they accept them and find out what their biggest needs are. 

eco friendly easter

At the same time, you could get in touch with your local animal shelter or rabbit rescue and see if they need any help spreading messages on social media and in the community. Unfortunately, many bunnies are given as a gift on Easter, but they often get abandoned shortly after. 
You can also volunteer your time as a family to help take care of the rabbits, or even foster or adopt one. If so, please make sure you are up for it before you bring a bunny home, because rabbits are not always easy-care pets. 

Have a happy, conscious and eco-friendly Easter!


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