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6 clothes made from recycled materials for kids

At first sight, it would be impossible to tell. But if you take a look at our labels, you might be surprised to discover that we design many clothes made from...

At first sight, it would be impossible to tell. But if you take a look at our labels, you might be surprised to discover that we design many clothes made from recycled materials

Of all trash, plastic has the greatest potential to harm the environment, wildlife, and humans. So creating clothes made from recycled plastic makes a difference in reducing the awful impact of this material on the planet. 

At My Little Cozmo we share your concerns about the future of our cozmo. That's why we are constantly searching for materials that are better for our children and mother Earth. One of those materials is recycled polyester

At Look at the clouds we have included different pieces of clothes made from recycled materials. So we can proudly say that you'll be able to find clothes made out of plastic bottles and other plastic waste in our 2021 Fall and Winter collection.


clothes from plastic

 Most of the plastic ends up in either a landfill or the natural environment. 


How to make clothes out of recycled materials

It can be difficult to imagine turning plastic waste into recycled material clothing. However, the process is rather simple. 

First, the plastic is broken down into small flakes. Then, those flakes are melted into tiny pellets to be melted again, filtered, and spun into threads.

Finally, those threads are the ones woven into the fabric that will make jackets, sweatshirts, outwear, or any other piece of clothes. 

At My Little Cozmo, as a sustainable kids' clothing brand, we strive to help the planet and we believe that baby steps can turn into giant leaps. That's why we are always seeking better materials to provide more and more eco-friendly kids' clothes

We love to work with organic fibers such as organic cotton and our share of sustainability-labeled clothes is constantly increasing. 


garments made from recycled materials

Recycled polyester is a preferred and more sustainable alternative to virgin polyester. 


Benefits of clothes made from recycled plastic

Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is a greener material comparing to virgin polyester because it actually has a positive impact on the environment. 


  • Keeps plastics from going to landfill and the ocean
  • Takes fewer resources to make
  • Reduces the dependency on petroleum
  • Decreases greenhouse gas emissions
  • Can be continuously recycled again and again. 


Also, it is just as good as virgin polyester in terms of quality.

The plastic waste comes from plastic bottles and containers, discarded fishnets, and used clothes, to name a few.


fashion clothes made from recycled materials

Plastics pose both physical and chemical threats to wildlife and the marine ecosystem.  


What's GRS recycled polyester?

In our aim to increase our share of sustainable kids' clothing, our current Fall & Winter collection has several garments made of recycled materials. 

Specifically, our faux shearling pieces are made of high-quality, GRS recycled polyester.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled input and chain of custody. 

Its goal is to increase the use of recycled materials. For this reason, GRS monitors integrity throughout the entire supply chain and production process and verifies safe and equitable working conditions, along with environmental and chemical practices used in production.

GRS is currently the strictest standard for recycled materials on the market.


6 Kids and baby clothes made from recycled materials

In Look at the Clouds you can find different garments made from GRS recycled polyester for both babies and older children. 

They are woven in a soft, fluffy, and warm faux shearling fur material, accented with splashes of colors. 

All these garments are made from 72% recycled polyester and 28% polyester.


1) Faux shearling scarf

This scarf will make wrapping up on chilly days extra stylish. It features a pull-through style and is perfect alone but will be even better over a statement coat. 


clothes made from recycled plastic

2) Faux shearling vest

Warm to the core, your infant, toddler, or older kid will want this plush layer from the first frost to spring thaw. 


clothes made out of plastic bottles


3) Faux shearling sweatshirt

This sweatshirt will hug your children in soft warmth. They won't want to take off this fluffy, faux shearling kids' sweatshirt.


recycled material clothing


4) Faux shearling jacket

Your little one will feel warm and cozy when wearing this statement jacket. 


grs recycled polyester kids clothes


5) Faux shearling hoodie

This kids' hoodie jacket will become a handy layer for warmth on the go. 

 clothes from recycled materials for kids


6) Faux shearling baby pram suit

This baby bunting will keep your infant warm, comfy, and completely adorable. It is the perfect cozy sleepwear for naps in the stroller while being the best outwear for more active outdoor activities.


baby clothes made from recycled materials


We hope you like our selection of clothes made from recycled plastic. From our part, we have made an eco-friendly commitment which is to keep reducing all virgin plastic from our supply chain, including our products, packaging, poly bags, and office supplies. 

We are all for sustainable kids' clothing and better ethical and environmental policies for the whole fashion industry, and we know we can count on you in this respect. 


From Barcelona with love....

Moms at My Little Cozmo 


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