We can all make the difference

Our commitment: A better future for our children and the planet.

"I see children, all children, as humanity's most precious resource, because it will be to them that the care of the planet will always be left"

Alice Walker

At My Little Cozmo, we care about kids, women and the planet, we call it Cozmo Care and it applies to our whole organization. Our aim is for everything we do, to be done consciously and responsibly while reducing our ecological footprint. We, together with the whole textile industry, have big challenges in front of us: consumption of electricity and water, the use of pesticides and other chemicals and the current fast fashion consumption (clothing under utilization and the poor awareness of recycling) among others. We believe that the kid’s fashion future is brighter and more responsible.

Our fabrics

Currently 100% of our SS21 collection is made of natural fabrics and 63% is made of sustainable materials such as linen or organic cotton. We want to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and therefore we also reuse leftover fabrics from earlier collections. We are constantly increasing the use of sustainable and recycled fabrics in our collections.


We have made an eco-friendly commitment which is to reduce all virgin plastic from our supply chain which includes our products, packaging, poly bags and office.  The virgin plastic is mainly present in these areas: fabrics and packaging.
We use unbleached card boxes. All labels and cards are also made in recycled paper and tags in recycled plastic.

Energy-efficiency measures

We strive to reduce our energy waste. We have implemented energy-efficiency measures in our workshop. Our ambition is to create a healthy and safe workplace, limit environmental damage and reduce the emissions of green-house gases.
We believe in the future of alternative energy sources. As an example, our workshop uses a biomass heating system.

We are real sustainable fashion

We are so happy to have been verified as Real Sustainable Fashion by Ethical time. The Real Sustainable Fashion verification has taken into consideration My Little Cozmo's practices and consistency across its business model, as well as the social and environmental issues facing today's fashion industry. Such as suppliers, certifications, fabrics, transport, and where the garments are made. From our supply chain and input materials to the final product.

From design to manufacturing our process is both conscious and local. We are proud to say that My Little Cozmo is exclusively made in Barcelona. Parts of our production is made in-house and the rest with local suppliers. This allow us to create jobs for local workers, keep manufacturing plants, control labor standards and have a better level of quality control. Local production further helps us to reduce our ecological footprint, minimize the waste disposal and achieve our sustainability goals.